Download the mobile app (beta version - Android only)

(Note: registration and access management can be done through this mobile application)

Your app lets you track your training and upload your results, only if you wish, to your account.

Note: this app in beta at the moment is provided "as is". The EULA that applies is the default app on the Google Play Store. Premacure is not responsible for any eventual accidents, damage or other problems for the user, terminal or otherwise, resulting from downloading, installing or using the application.

by clicking this box, I confirm that age and have more than 18 years, I also have read and approved the use precautions above.


  1. Download the app and start (preferably with the mode "data" enabled)
  2. Select the desired configuration
  3. If you wish to use a connected object range Premacure, turn on Bluetooth and synchronize devices
  4. Optionally register or login
  5. If desired, place the phone in your headset and helmet on the eyes
  6. Follow your training! (These are your movements that direct your avatar)
  7. You can talk to your virtual partner for interacting (eg, say "Turn around lady")